1+ Outbound Service

NOSVA will provide 1+ Interstate & Intrastate calling at rates that will help your business keep more of it's money where it belongs, in your bank account.

NOSVA  can provide Account Codes that can be easily itemized on the NOSVA Limited Partnership  Management Report.


Toll Free Service

In today's business world, a company needs to be as easy to reach as they can be, and that is where NOSVA  can help.

We provide toll free service that allows your customers to call you worry free. If you already have toll free service from another company, you can move to NOSVA service and keep the same toll free number.

NOSVA Toll Free makes it easy for you to make it easy for your customers.

  • Call Area Allowing and/or Blocking

You can have your account set up to only get calls from the areas that make sense for your business.

NOSVA allows you to accept toll free calls only from designated areas if you wish.

Calls from outside these areas will not be connected.

  • Customized Summary

Provides you with a customizable summary of your incoming call traffic. Choose to see your calls sorted by duration, where the calls originated, time of calls, or the most frequent originating numbers.

Our Toll Free Service also include:

  • Message Referral - Time of Day Routing
  • Day of Week Routing - Call Allocation

International Calling

NOSVA offers competitive international dialing rates for over 200 countries.

NOSVA makes around the world seem like just around the corner.


Calling Card Service

NOSVA calling card program can be used from any phone in the United States to make domestic and international calls.

You can even use the calling card to place calls from a variety of the most frequently traveled countries.

Calling Card Features
  • Voice Mail
  • Fax Mail
  • Speed Dialing
  • Conference Calling
  • News, Weather, and Sports
  • Worldwide Access
  • Sequential Dialing
  • Customized Card Numbers

Service Guides/Tariffs

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California Disaster Relief Program for Communications Service Providers

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